Shape your career at an innovative company with a corporate culture based on respect

Mixed drinks and jams, mayonnaise and mustard, salad dressings and marinades, vaccines and cough syrups, paints and varnishes, rubber and silicone, adhesives and disinfectants, oils and lubricants and many other products need to be agitated during production. VISCO JET® provides innovative solutions and has the right agitation system for any application.

We are a medium-sized family business specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of mixing systems. From easy-to-handle laboratory equipment to large containers, our patented systems solve even the most difficult agitating tasks.

For decades, our customers worldwide have relied on the know-how and problem-solving competence of VISCO JET®. Our dynamic team of 35 plus around 40 distributors serve customers on almost every continent.

Benefiting from each other across generations — that’s how VISCO JET® works

New talent is always welcome at our company! They take a fresh look at all our challenges. We offer an excellent environment for personal development. Our philosophy is: Don’t adapt; unleash potential. Age is irrelevant here!

Your benefits

We aim to safeguard jobs and actually make a difference. We are looking for employees who can identify with us, are enthusiastic and motivated and want to grow together with VISCO JET®. We attach great importance to personal responsibility and offer our employees the opportunity to play an active part in the company.

Holistic onboarding

Flexitime, 30 days holiday, one home office day per week


Short decision paths and an open-door policy

individual personnel development and regular feedback meetings

Participation in cross-departmental project teams


JobRad bike leasing & company pension scheme


New company building with roof terrace, barbecue, coffee/tea and regular staff events

Corporate culture based on trust and respect

Family-conscious company

The Employers’ Associations and the State Family Council of Baden-Württemberg, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor, and Tourism of Baden-Württemberg, award the label “Family-Conscious Company” to committed companies as part of the FamilyNET program. In February 2024, we were able to convince the FamilyNet jury of our concept and understanding of a family-friendly employer:


Family-oriented personnel policy

As a family-oriented company, we place great importance on the balance between work and family life. Therefore, we offer our employees the opportunity to flexibly schedule their working hours and weekly workdays to better meet family obligations. We also allow flexible vacation management and provide one work-from-home day per week to accommodate individual needs.

Reintegration after absence

It is very important to us that our employees experience a holistic reintegration after extended absences, such as parental leave. This includes regular information exchange during the absence to stay up-to-date on company developments. We support our employees in getting back to work quickly and offer individual solutions for a successful return to the team.

Well-prepared, well-cared for!

To support parents in balancing work and family life, we offer a childcare subsidy. Additionally, we go beyond the legally required standards by providing our employees with company pension plans to ensure their long-term security. We want our employees to feel well-cared for both professionally and personally.

Proactive health measures

We place great emphasis on ergonomic workplace design to prevent back and neck problems for our employees. Additionally, we regularly offer workshops on health-promoting topics to strengthen awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, we are happy to cover the participation costs for sporting events to motivate our employees to lead an active lifestyle.

Real careers with a top employer

We would always choose VISCO JET®

I love being actively involved

I’ve been part of the VISCO JET® family since 2013. I began my journey at VISCO JET® as an assistant to the Executive Board, which at the time was still under the leadership of Hans Weber, the company founder. I can still remember my first day very well. You always get a bit excited when starting something new. But after just a few days, I felt very welcome and that I was in the right place. This is still the case, even though my job has changed over time. In addition to my assistant role, I also quickly took over the smooth processing of all orders.

VISCO JET® has evolved dynamically since Timo Weber, Hans Weber’s son, took over the company, especially in the area of procedures and processes. This meant that I was increasingly also responsible for the implementation and management of cross-divisional projects such as the central introduction of our document management system. Since 2019, I have taken over as Head of Order Management and as a member of the management team, which gives me the opportunity to actively shape the further development of the company.

The VISCO JET® family and the individual personal development and advancement possibilities are the main reasons why I enjoy working at VISCO JET® so much.

VISCO JET Felix Ebner Technical Sales Manager

Right from the start

I joined VISCO JET® right after completing my training and therefore also since its founding. I still remember when I moved here and those first days and months with colleagues old and new after the company was founded. It was an exciting time for all of us and one that brought us closer together in a lasting way.

After my training, my first role was as an industrial mechanic in the production of the company’s agitator solutions, where I also carried out some assembly work at customers’ sites, etc., and thus gained a deep insight into the various areas of agitator technology. I also benefited from this during my second training course as a technical product designer and was able to incorporate the diverse experiences from both courses into my work as a designer after completing my training. Together with my colleagues, I translate our customers’ technical requirements into individual agitator solutions. We create the agitator designs, technical drawings for assembly and production and are responsible for maintaining our master data.

In 2018, I then decided to also complete further training as a technician in the field of automation and mechatronics in cooperation with VISCO JET®. Following this, I returned to VISCO JET as a design engineer and was able to expand my area of responsibility as a trainer of technical product designers and deputy technical manager. I also found cooperation with our sales department and providing technical advice to our distributors particularly exciting. Over the last two years, we have further expanded our interface activity in order to understand our customers’ requirements even better and to be able to offer optimal solutions.

As part of my further development at VISCO JET®, I have also had the opportunity to become familiar with an area that had been new to me up to that point. In November 2022, I moved into sales as an Area Sales Manager, and can now extend my skills and contribute my experience from the technical field.

The opportunities for further development, my colleagues and our product make every day different and exciting.

Pedro Coelho

Getting started with VISCO JET®

I started my training as a technical product designer at VISCO JET® in 2019. In addition to many professional and personal learnings and some ups and downs, I was able to successfully complete it at the beginning of 2023. VISCO JET®‘s training concept has several goals – one of which is ”We want to prepare our trainees for real working life and thus make our contribution to society!” This goal was definitely achieved. During my apprenticeship, I was able to learn what it really means to take on responsibility.

In February 2023, a big step began for me – the step away from being a trainee, out of puppy protection and into real working life. I took on my first projects right from the start. However, there was always this one thought at the back of my mind: That’s not it yet!

Both my head of department and the management were aware that I wanted to continue. It soon became clear that it would be a dual study programme in mechanical engineering at the DHBW in Lörrach. It was important for me to start the programme in cooperation with VISCO JET®.
With my story, I would like to show how individual a career at VISCO JET® can be. Especially at the beginning of the training programme, it is sometimes difficult to assess what you really want to do in the future. For me, the apprenticeship is a great foundation and the best prerequisite for my studies. I am glad that I am being accompanied on this path and that I can continue to be part of the team.