Exciting and innovative

The CUE is the solution

The CUE allows simple and energy-efficient agitating of sediments, even after the medium has stood or been stored for a long time.

The mixing element can prevent complex and expensive agitation processes during storage to avoid sedimentation, thus creating a significant energy and cost advantage.

  • The innovative geometry creates a suction effect behind the mixing element, which gently detaches the sediment
  • The mixing element is placed without any spacing to the sediment
  • The geometry prevents jamming in the sediment or clogging of cones
  • Low operating speeds achieve an energy-efficient process

An innovation that pays for itself

Product quality

Consistent product quality due to complete dissolution of the sediment and a gentle stirring process

Process efficiency

Increases process efficiency by reducing downtimes and increasing the production volume in the container


Sustainable processes due to short mixing times and low drive power

Product costs

Reduces product costs by reducing residual quantities and waste costs

Process costs

Reduces process costs through one-time efficient stirring after downtime

Well thought-out, right down to the smallest detail

In suspensions mixing processes, sediments often form after a storage or standstill period, whereby the
formation of the sediment depends on the material properties of the media to be agitated.

The aim is to obtain a homogeneous mixture of liquid and the solid particles contained therein by agitating the sediment.

  • 3-fold design of the impeller cones
  • Standard version up to a impeller diameter of 650 mm
  • Individual sizes also available on request
  • Stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571
  • Tornado version for use in IBC containers
  • Installation in combination with several stirring levels and residue stirrer
  • Individual coatings for an extremely long service life
  • Ground version with Ra<0.8 μm or Ra<0.4 μm
Wirkungsweise des VISCO JET® CUE

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