Cut process costs while at the same time increasing output 

Sustainable agitation with VISCO JET®

The topic of sustainability has been a central concern for VISCO JET® from the very beginning. We are firmly convinced that sustainability, also in the sense of the long term, is crucial in our time in order to continue to be successful as a company in the future.

For us, however, sustainability not only includes ecological aspects, but also a comprehensive consideration of humanity. For us, sustainable corporate management also means investing in the development and well-being of our employees.

Furthermore, we are committed to using resources in an energy-saving way by investing in state-of-the-art technologies and relying on local supply chains. By giving preference to local suppliers, we reduce transport distances and CO2 emissions. This not only supports the environment, but also strengthens the local economy.

Our company building is another example of our commitment to the environment. It was designed and built with the latest energy-efficient technologies in mind. This minimises our energy consumption and contributes to reducing our ecological footprint.

Last but not least, our products themselves offer the opportunity to save significant amounts of energy. Our innovative solutions are designed to work more efficiently and conserve resources, enabling our customers to achieve significant energy savings.

Overall, we are convinced that sustainability is not only a responsibility towards the environment, but also towards people and society as a whole.

Our sustainable products

All our products are designed to reduce consumption and increase impact. The aim is to contribute to resource-efficient CO2-neutral production.

VISCO JET® makes an important contribution and achieves energy savings of up to 75% compared to conventional agitation systems!

What sets our products apart 

Constant product quality due to a product-friendly and homogeneous agitation process


Short mixing times

Low drive power

Easy to clean

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our commitment is to incorporate these SDGs into our decision-making as guiding principles and to focus our efforts on the following objectives.

We take our duty of care to our employees seriously and act proactively. In achieving this, we not only pay attention to occupational safety, but also focus on prevention. We point out potential health risks and actively offer support, both in terms of promoting healthcare measures and preventing mental illness. For us, the employee always comes first, because we are convinced that healthy and satisfied employees are the basis for the success of our company.

For us as a small, medium-sized family business, education is about individuality and at the heart of our values. The active participation of our employees plays a decisive role – they set the direction.

For us, education is a social responsibility that we take on out of conviction. We place particular emphasis on a holistic concept that strengthens our trainees’ understanding of processes and thus prepares them optimally for their future professional lives.

Our understanding of education and training goes far beyond imparting technical skills – we focus on promoting methodological competence, personal development and social skills.

We develop strategies aimed at sustainable economic growth while preserving and expanding jobs in the long term. We are convinced that economic success and social responsibility go hand in hand. We place great emphasis on conserving resources through short supply chains and optimizing our use of resources in production. We also work continuously to create an inclusive and diverse working environment where everyone has the same opportunities and rights.

We place particular emphasis on expanding local value chains in order to strengthen the region and thus also support the local infrastructure. We firmly believe that sustainable business success is closely linked to continuous innovation. We therefore actively invest in research and development to provide innovative solutions that not only advance our business, but also contribute to the sustainability of our industry.

We focus on the energy-saving use of resources by investing in state-of-the-art technologies. Our company building complies with current energy efficiency standards and is equipped with a photovoltaic system and an air-source heat pump, which generate electricity and heat for our company while minimizing CO2 emissions. We are also actively engaged in waste reduction projects and promote the principle of local sourcing. We work closely with regional suppliers to minimize transport distances and further improve our carbon footprint.

It is a top priority for us to ensure compliance with legal requirements and ethical standards in our business activities. We stand for fair competition and strictly reject any corruption, extortion and bribery. This commitment goes beyond simple compliance as we live and demand a culture of integrity and accountability in our organization.

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We are convinced that collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to driving innovation and achieving our sustainability goals, which is why we engage in local innovation networks with stakeholders from politics, business and public institutions.

Our sustainable VISCO JET® innovations

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