Cut process costs while at the same time increasing output 

The VISCO JET® method

VISCO JET® proves beyond doubt that for successful agitation, mixing, homogenizing, suspending, or dispersing, it’s not the speed that’s decisive, but the technique. Its particular strength lies in the special geometry of the conical mixing elements. 

With its cleverly designed spatial and angular relationships, the agitator ensures an optimum mixing process in a very short time, even at the lowest peripheral speeds. 

We‘ve proven this technology in almost every industry. It is versatile, reduces costs and guarantees high-quality results.


Accelerated laminar flows at the cone exit and the reverse turbulence created by dynamic pressure at the cone entrance interact as the agitator rotates, generating high-momentum mixing movements.

…and effect

The extremely material-friendly and highly efficient agitator makes it possible to mix, agitate, homogenize, disperse, and suspend with very little energy expenditure. This applies particularly to tanks with very high volumes.

The benefits to you

Consistent product quality

due to a product-friendly and homogeneous agitating process without air intake or foam formation

Sustainable processes

due to low drive power, high product quality and short process times

Reduced process costs

due to low energy costs and faster throughput times in the production process

Increased process efficiency

due to short agitating times and quick and easy cleaning

Reduced product costs

by avoiding residual quantities and the associated rework or waste costs


Easy to clean

with the use of a CIP system

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