The people who work here drive processes forward sustainably

Living the future

Now in the second generation, our family-owned company VISCO JET® has been designing and producing sustainable agitation solutions for over 30 years. Today, the internationally renowned brand stands for innovation and drive. And to make sure it stays that way, the company is in a permanent state of transformation in the quest to find answers to the questions of tomorrow. 

Our Open Door Policy encourages internal communication. This benefits employees and customers alike. We work closely with our suppliers and monitor the entire value creation chain together. This is how the products are constantly improved to develop solutions that are even more resource-efficient. Sustainability is a top priority here. We listen carefully to what our customers have to say and identify their needs swiftly and comprehensively. 

Contemporary education
Mastering supply chains
Fostering creativity
Bringing in experience
Detail work
Developing together

And a lot of it is down to the details. We never say, “that has always been the case”, because we are convinced there’s room for improvement in everything we do! That goes for all disciplines — whether it’s the user experience, training, sales, logistics — our employees scrutinise and refine everything. These incentives are our drive for further growth with pioneering products and services.

Our values

We at VISCO JET®see ourselves as a FAMILY company

Together with our employees, suppliers and partners, we offer our customers first-class agitators and solutions. In doing so, we are technology leaders and assume ecological and social responsibility. Sustainable returns allow us to invest in education and training for the long term, maintain our jobs and actually make a difference as a company.

VISCO JET® Mission Statement

Good communication is essential for success.

All relevant information about company figures and events is available in a timely manner. We issue communications and welcome enquiries. We offer platforms for this purpose in meetings, events and via the Infoboard. Our doors are open and we welcome dialogue, including at meetings and in-house events.

Our managers are role models. Their actions convey security and focus on the well-being of the company and its employees. They are trustworthy individuals and know what needs to be treated confidentially. They are also constantly evolving and enjoy using management tools such as the half-yearly staff appraisals for mutual feedback and agreeing targets. Monitoring success with praise and/or constructive criticism is done as a matter of course. Leaders live their areas of responsibility, make decisions and develop their employees to think and act independently. This means a sense of achievement for everyone. 

Guaranteed delivery is our top priority. We operate reliably and responsibly and in compliance with the safety guarantee and functioning. Short decision-making paths and solution-oriented action support swift action from the preparing the quotation to delivery.

Good communication skills are essential. We rely on employees who can think for themselves, who like to develop and who know and accept our rules of conduct. Continuous and targeted training is actively exemplified and supported.

We are innovative, following and setting trends in product development and quality. Everything we do is intended to inspire enthusiasm in our customers. 

Our mission is clear: Protect our employees from harm. We take our duty of care seriously by drawing attention to observations and actively offering support, including preventive measures.  This applies to occupational safety as well as to prevent burnout and support health-promoting measures

We are aware of our environmental responsibility. Both internally and externally, we pay attention to sustainable development, initiate and support appropriate structures and projects such as an apprenticeship “waste” project, electricity supply and careful use of resources.

VISCO JET® Milestones

VISCO JET® is used in numerous industries




Cosmetics and soap




Food and beverages




Milk products


Colors and paints









Container and plant engineering

Come and join our team!


New talent is always welcome at our company! They take a fresh look at all our challenges. We offer an excellent environment for personal development. Our philosophy is: Don’t adapt; unleash potential. Age is irrelevant here! 

Innovative in all processes

We made it into the TOP12 in the “State Award for Young Companies” competition! As part of the competition, one of our tasks was to shoot a short selfie video within a week, in which we present our innovative family business. This task called for the creativity, team spirit and flexibility of the VISCO JET® team.  Take a look for yourself:

Now take the first step:

Nothing is as valuable to us as your time. That is why we are happy to prepare specifically for you. We will call you at your preferred time and clarify your questions. This is how we save your time and make your project successful with VISCO JET® solutions! We look forward to seeing you!