Groundbreakingly good

Saves energy, time and costs.

The VISCO JET® CRACK geometry makes it possible to break up agglomerates as well as simultaneous homogeneous distribution during the liquid phase, thus combining two agitation processes into one. This leads to a
significant increase in process efficiency in our customers’ production.

  • Can be used for media with a viscosity up to 200,000 mPas
  • The square design of the mixing element and the breaking edges at the cone inlet serve to efficiently break up the agglomerates (connected primary particles)
  • Intrinsically dynamic mixing movements due to accelerated laminar flows at the cone outlet and turbulence at the cone inlet create the typical VISCO JET® flow pattern
  • Comparatively low speeds for an energy-efficient agitation process


Product quality

Consistent and excellent product quality due to a high degree of dispersion of the agglomerates as well as homogeneous distribution in the liquid or pasty phase without foam formation or air entrainment

Process efficiency

Increased process efficiency due to simultaneous dispersion and homogenisation with one mixing element

Process costs

Reduction of process costs due to low wear and comparatively significantly lower energy requirements of the mixing element


Can be combined with all VISCO JET® agitator solutions


Sustainable processes due to short mixing times and low drive power


Easy and quick to clean

due to integration of a CIP system

Well thought-out, right down to the smallest detail

Especially in the paint and varnish sector, for the production of ceramic components and the manufacture of resins or putties, as well as in food production, dispersions are essential components of the manufacturing process. In this process, agglomerates are broken up by the application of shear forces and uniformly wetted with the liquid or pasty phase, usually an additive.

For a successful agitation process, two successive process steps are often used. The agglomerates are first broken up with a dispersing disc and then homogenised with the liquid phase by using an additional mixing element.

The VISCO JET® CRACK combines two mixing processes in one and is therefore the ideal solution for your agitation application from laboratory scale to production!

  • 2-fold or 3-fold design of the impeller cones
  • Standard version up to a impeller diameter of 2,000 mm
  • Individual sizes also available on request
  • Stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571
  • Ground version with Ra<0.8 μm or Ra<0.4 μm
  • Installation in combination with several stirring levels and residue stirrer
  • Individual material according to customer requirements, e.g. Superduplex or Hastelloy
  • Additional coatings for an extremely long service life
  • Tornado version for use in IBC containers

More information

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